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  • To advance and improve the services of the New York State Licensed Ophthalmic Dispenser to the public
  • Establish and elevate the standards and ethics of the profession
  • Encourage, cooperate and promote the enhancement and enlargement of the scope of practice for all opticians
  • Provide quality continuing education


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Welcome to NYSSO 2020

a message from Laura Frezza, Acting Executive Director


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As we enter the iconic year of 2020, we should be both excited and optimistic. Below are a few points for your consideration....

In rounding out the many functions of the 21st Century Optician, are we keeping up with the demand of public consumption? Are we doing the best possible job to maintain our position as part of the eye care delivery system? Knowing there will always be competition from online profiteers, unlicensed "dispensing" and abuses in many dispensaries, you have an important choice. You can either continue to be a spectator from the sidelines and complain, or become a participator as part of a team that can campaign to grow change. The challenge to maintain Opticianry and the license we currently have in place needs to be carefully watched and nurtured. Growth is no longer about giving members great education, we already are doing that. NYSSO wants to give you sustainability as a profession for the coming decades, not just until there's a threat. We actually are your voice because NYSSO can speak and collaborate with NYSED. We can hire a lobbyist for permit reform and we are creating marketing strategies for a consumer awareness campaign.

There will be more on this front, on how to help the patients recognize our professional value.
An incredible workshop will be held at both Upstate and Downstate Conferences, stay tuned...

We are all aware this new decade heralds outstanding advances in Ophthalmology, Optometry and Ophthalmic Technology. These advances clearly provides us, as Opticians, an opportunity to more closely align our skills and knowledge with the medical community. There has been incredible successes on multiple fronts that bring doctors' patients to our dispensing tables. The advanced treatment of Diabetes, Early Macular Degeneration and dry eye diseases, and results of these conditions, place opticians in a position of support and resources for all seeking direction. For those of us that remain in the traditional role as an Ophthalmic Dispenser, at times we are these individuals first line of awareness and reassurance that hope exists; that there are remedies and fundamental information we can share. Many of the new courses NYSSO has produced speaks to this topic of awareness and resource for our doctors' patients, including information for anxious parents concerned about childhood screen use, blue light exposure and progressive myopia. These incredibly interesting NYSSO sessions highlight why it should be on each parent's mind, Rx not withstanding...

At the same dispensing table, we can also celebrate the vast choices of lens design and fantastic frame selections that are no longer limited to the constraints of former times. There are metrics created to teach us exactly what drives the consumer; data analytics that are critical to track patterns of spending and which vendors and alliances will help to grow or maintain our practices. Again, these are new NYSSO sessions coming in 2020.

As part of the NYSSO Board of Directors I will share it is our new commitment to grow licensing in NYS through Preparation Education, utilizing the largest education base in the state. We will provide networking through mentorship and we will not stand down on abuses that we should actually draw attention to. As a profession we need to not neglect the fundamentals of doing our best for the public we serve, not fall short on elevating those that seek to become licensed and be the driving force to augment what is missing within our pathways to licensure, monitoring and accountability.

Look towards why YOU BELONG. HERE! Why wouldn't you want to be part of this exciting 2020++

Best Wishes,
Laura Frezza
Acting Executive Director, NYSSO



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